At Tréology, we are thoughtful in every process. Our entire range is designed, crafted and packaged with the preservation, conservation and celebration of nature at the forefront of all we do.

  • Sustainable, naturally felled or reclaimed timber
  • No nasty stuff that is bad for people or the planet
  • Every part of every piece of timber used, recycled or up-cycled
  • Travel to the source with GPS mapping

Touch it, treasure it and be connected by nature’s majestic ability to connect all living things.

A closer look at our sustainable practices

At Tréology, sustainable manufacturing practices are just as important as using sustainable materials. One requires the other. We are committed to upholding our strong values of protecting our planet, connecting people and celebrating families.

  • Target Sustainability
    We are involved in the Christchurch City Council Target Sustainability Programme, designed to reduce waste sent to landfill. In Year One, we reduced this by over 58% and continue to make sustainable choices to improve this.
  • Recycle Waste
    While we choose the most environmentally-aware suppliers, we will always have some degree of waste with our incoming goods. We send more than 20 tonnes per year of paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic and metal to local recycling plants.
  • Energy Efficiency
    We have and continue to implement energy saving projects – including fixing compressed air leaks, reducing heating in spaces that do not need heating and replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Water Efficiency
    Tréology has installed a flow valve to improve water efficiencies in all bathrooms.
  • Sustainable Materials
    Every piece of timber we use has a story – and it is always an eco-friendly one. All our suppliers share our vision of minimal or preferably no impact on the environment during the sourcing of timber.
  • No Nasty Stuff
    Nothing we use is horribly chemical in nature and will not cause harm to people or the planet. Where possible we use natural plant oil finishes  on our pieces.
  • Sustainable Design
    Every piece is designed to allow for our sustainable manufacturing process. Our philosophy is that every Tréology piece will be efficient, user friendly, durable and endure time. We use minimum material to maximum effect.
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