Celebrate the heritage of your furniture through GPS mapping.
Timber pulled from New Zealand's crystal waters is individually catalogued, allowing you to trace the tree’s journey.

To you, we give that which nature has freely given up, anchoring you to the warm and mystic sacredness of a tree which once stood tall and proud as part of New Zealand's alpine forests. The course of nature saw it fall into dark and mysterious waters…submerged and forgotten.

Rediscovered and mapped using GPS technology, the timber is rescued and shipped to us in Christchurch.

Be it giant Kauri which ruled the forest 45,000 years ago, or the majestic Beech from the waters of the West Coast, you can journey to the source and marvel in the beauty of untouched New Zealand from the sanctuary of your home.

Where did my timber start its life?

Technology allows us to take you back through the ages and visit the dramatic, powerful and pristine areas of New Zealand from which your timber came.

Tréology sources its timber from authentic and trusted suppliers. Each has a specific license and permissions to retrieve naturally-felled timber from the lakes, rivers, swamps or fiords of New Zealand.

In broad terms – the process is a robust one, designed to ensure all rescued timber is from a truly sustainable source. Upon locating a suitable timber source, each log must be approved as being authentic in origin and species by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. After each is mapped and catalogued, approval is then given for it to be retrieved and milled. The end result means each piece of timber can be traced from its watery resting place, through the manufacturing process.

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