Bespoke design

The windswept light

The Windswept Light

Sustainability meets functional art

The Windswept light was created for The Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation.

The Windswept light sculpture is inspired by our observations of windswept trees along the hilltop walking tracks of the Banks Peninsula. The base is crafted from Timaru bluestone, acknowledging the volcanic history of our land. The sculpted wooden form is created from an ancient Rimu tree rescued from the water of Milford Sound. Together, they are our contemporary visualisation of nature’s force on the Banks Peninsula through functional art.

 The first Windswept light was donated to the Christchurch Art Gallery Foundation to raise funds for a new public work by British artist Bridget Riley.

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Wanaka House

warmth of wood
solidity of stone
wabi sabi

Floating Console
40,000 year old ancient swamp kauri
(Agathis Australis) fiddle back grain, steel, oil finish
Wall mounted with steel rods                                                                                                2400mm x 500mm x 55mm

Client testimonial

We were looking to identify a 'very special' piece of timber for the entrance of our home in West Wanaka. Andrew professionally presented a proposal based on a selected piece of ancient Kauri, exhibiting the unique 'fiddleback' grain.
Andrew worked closely with our local metal fabricator, to identify the best method for mounting the slab on our schist wall to provide a floating effect.
Installation went smoothly, and all parties involved were really pleased with the end result. The Kauri slab catches everyone's attention as they enter our house, and they cannot resist to run their hands over this lovely piece of timber. Overall, our expectations have been exceeded.

Felton Road Wines, Queenstown

Tréology Bespoke Tasting Table

The Waenga Table for Felton Road Wines measures 4 metres, with the timber being rescued from the Manawatu River, New Zealand. The Base is 12mm toughened glass. 

Client testimonial

Tréology were selected by us for our winery furniture after a careful search. Their enthusiasm for using recovered native timber was key, but also their ability to think with us as we evolved design solutions that were anything but standard. The results were right first time and of the highest quality.

Nigel Greening – Felton Road Wines