Valuing the sanctuary of family, the wonder of nature, and the adventure of life.

Tréology was created in 2011 by Andrew and Melany-Jayne Davies. With a 150 year family legacy of luxury furniture-making behind them, Andrew and Melany-Jayne wanted to combine this traditional craftsmanship with contemporary art and design. They also wanted to share their love of the New Zealand landscape through functional art with clients throughout the world.

Tréology is about connecting people and families, and celebrating the wonder of nature. This is reflected in their five core values that are central to the company:

Family      Nature     Adventure       Excellence      Respect

Taking on adventures, and giving back to nature is elemental to how the Tréology team work and play. This includes participating in multisport events throughout New Zealand, planting trees, and contributing to community organisations that protect our native flora and fauna.