The History


The furniture-making legacy of the Davies family has provided Andrew and Melany-Jayne with a passion and love for quality craftsmanship. This heritage started in 1852 with the birth of Robert Norrie, Andrew’s great, great grandfather, who crafted furniture for New Zealand’s first Governor General, Sir George Grey. Since that auspicious commission, Andrew’s forefathers have won numerous accolades and prizes for their handcrafted furniture. Their reward lies in shaping, crafting and revelling in the warmth and organic beauty of timber.      Excellence has never been compromised in over 150 years.

1972,  NZ Governor General Porritt with PM Jack Marshall

1972,  NZ Governor General Porritt with PM Jack Marshall


Robert Norrie is born – the great great grandfather to Andrew Davies, the current Tréology Managing Director.


Robert Norrie crafts furniture for
New Zealand Governor, Sir George Grey. This now sits in the Auckland Museum.


Robert’s son Harold is born. He goes on to become a top Canterbury cabinet-maker.


Harold’s daughter Stella, marries Stanley Davies in 1935,
a Christchurch woodworker.


Stella and Stanley’s son, Bob Davies, establishes RA & CR Davies LTD.

RA & CR Davies LTD is awarded multiple accolades and prizes nationwide for superior design and craftsmanship.


Bob Davies is commissioned by the world renowned writer and producer,
Dame Ngaio Marsh to make original furniture.


Bob Davies becomes a Master Craftsman and makes furniture for New Zealand Governor General Sir Arthur Porritt. 


Bob Davies son, Andrew, joins the family business.


Tréology is established by Andrew and Melany-Jayne Davies.


The Tréology Umber Chair wins Gold at the
New Zealand Best Design Awards.




Tréology continues to maintain a strong focus on design and a sustainable business model.