Situated on the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, New Zealand has been both challenged and protected by the intensity of nature. Earthquakes, high rainfall, and mountainous terrain result in an ever-changing landscape, as landslips and floods sweep away giant trees. These trees are then submerged and protected by the elements for centuries.





(God of the forest)


(Bringer of knowledge)


(Bringer of higher conciousness)


Ancient Swamp Timber

From the swamps in the far north of New Zealand, we source ancient Kauri timber, considered by Māori to be the kings of New Zealand’s forest. Carbon dating by the University of Waikato confirms that this swamp Kauri is the oldest workable timber in the world, having lain beneath peat swamps for over 45,000 years. This treasured timber is recreated by Tréology into a rich and sophisticated piece of furniture – something truly special for our clients.


River Timber

Logs that can be centuries old, are eroded from riverbanks by the powerful rivers of New Zealand’s Westland region. Submerged Totara, Rimu, and Matai are exposed and released into the river for us to rescue and craft into functional art. Their tumbling journey through the remote wilderness, over Pounamu and boulders of greywacke and sandstone, is an integral part of your furniture’s story.

Fjord Timber

Our Fiordland timber fell naturally hundreds of years ago, and became submerged in what is now a World Heritage area - Te Wahipounamu, in the south west of New Zealand. Over time, naturally occurring tannins in the water of the fjords add colouring and patina to the native Beech, Totara, and Rimu. After the logs break free from underwater tangles of ancient trees, they are retrieved from the water. Each piece of timber is unique, and provides our clients with an exceptional story to tell.


Earthquake Heritage Timber

Christchurch suffered devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 which destroyed iconic heritage buildings throughout the city. Tréology works with owners of some of these landmarks to rescue, and sensitively re-use this historical timber. The Tréology furniture crafted from the ruins of Christchurch are symbols of strength, resilience, and dedication to a city that honours its past while rebuilding a strong and sustainable future.



Ensuring ethical and sustainable practice is essential for our business and our clients.