Wanaka House  

Treology Ancient swamp kauri live edge slab console on schist stone wall for Emerald Bluffs house, Wanaka NZ
Treology Ancient Swamp Kauri live edge slab wall console for house in Wanaka NZ NZ

Wall Mounted Floating Console 40,000 year old live edge ancient swamp kauri (Agathis Australis) fiddle back grain

The clients of a Richard Naish designed home wanted a unique piece of functional art to greet their family and friends when they entered the house.

We selected a very rare ‘fiddle-back’ ancient swamp kauri slab that was mounted 2” off the schist wall.


Client Testimonial

“We approached Andrew of Treology based on a recommendation from a previous customer. We were looking to identify a 'very special' piece of timber for the entrance of our home in West Wanaka. Andrew professionally presented a proposal based on a selected piece of ancient Kauri, exhibiting the unique 'fiddleback' grain. The Kauri slab catches everyone's attention as they enter our house, and they cannot resist to run their hands over this lovely piece of timber. Overall, our expectations have been exceeded.”

Owners – Wanaka House

Emerald Bluffs House Wanaka NZ
Wakaka NZ landscape