Created in nature. Crafted by manBespoke works as individual as you areCelebrate with sustainable green luxuryJourney to the source - see where your timber came from

Created in nature. Crafted by man.

Timber furniture beautifully crafted by artisan furniture-makers, to produce contemporary pieces to last generations.

Choose a Bespoke Design to complement your individuality, or choose from our Collections or Limited Edition pieces.

At Tréology, we don’t design our pieces; nature does that for us.

We simply appreciate the natural form of timber and craft it into a contemporary piece to be treasured - now and forever.

Tréology uses genuinely sustainable timber, often naturally felled and submerged in the mystic depths of New Zealand’s lakes, fiords and rivers.

Artisan craftsmen then shape it into beautifully-fashioned bespoke furniture, which will live on through the generations.

Truly sustainable furniture

At Tréology, we are thoughtful in every process; our entire range is designed, crafted and packaged with the preservation, conservation and celebration of nature at the forefront of all we do.

  • Sustainable naturally-felled or reclaimed timber
  • No nasty chemicals or glue
  • Every part of every piece of timber used or recycled
  • Travel to the source with GPS mapping

Touch it, treasure it and be grounded by nature’s majestic ability to connect all living things.

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